Bloggin Confusion...

I feel like there are so many new technologies popping up EVERYWHERE. It's so hard to keep up with things. I have 3 blogs and I have a blog on my regular Sweet Luna site. I'm thinking the best thing to do is to just do ONE blog. I wish I could just update the site and have it go out and update the Sweet Luna blog here but alas, they don't seem to work together. Oh well....so my updates are now going to be viewable on my site under the blog link....


Much easier I think! If I have time though, I will try and transfer some of the updates over here too.


of fashion and fairytales (part 1)....

This spring I had a couple of opportunities to again volunteer with MNFashion for MN Fashion Week. It was a lot of fun and I met some awesome people.

The first event was The Secret Garden put together by Secrets Fashion Agency in Mpls. It was a fashion show that told the story of Alice in Wonderland from childhood to adulthood. The clothes were amazing and the atmosphere/venue was breathtaking. We had a lot of fun working this event.


Things I'm loving for Spring...

Forever21 never ceases to amaze me with continual ability to stay on trend and give us the items we want for our wardrobes on a timely manner! They have such a great eye for what trends to grab onto and make available at a great price. It just makes sense! I mean, why pay hundreds for designer items when the trend will be gone in a month or two. I, myself, usually go for a certain look and don't find the need to buy something because it has a name slapped onto it and they never disappoint me!


How Time Flies...

This last Friday my daughter turned 18! It's so hard to believe that she is now an 'adult' and has been here for 18 years. Time definitely does fly by. I'm so proud of her. Not knowing how the decisions you will make when you are raising your child is probably the most scary thing of all. How will you make sure to teach them everything you think they should know and stress the things you really want them to remember. It's strange because so many people compliment me on my parenting saying I did such an awesome job and I'm a great mom but I really don't feel like it was all me. I definitely could have made some of the same decisions with another child and not had the same positive results. She is who she is because yes, I did try and teach her all I could and I tried to stress what I thought were the most important things to learn, but she took it in and didn't dismiss the things I said. She made the right decisions to not give in to peer pressure, to not do things that would harm herself or others, to try and do her best in school and her job. I think that it's a collaboration and we found a way to make it work together. I know that she will continue to become a great adult and be whatever she wants to be. I have no doubt that she will become a great actress and will write amazing screen plays! I'm glad that I am her mom!

Happy Birthday Desta ;o)

photo by Kate Heppner


Love Live the Queen....

Yesterday I arrived at work only to find my cube neighbor Matt doing his usual browsing of TMZ. Casually I asked, any juice?? Only to be told the tragic news of Alexander McQueen! Why, I wondered? Why would he be unhappy? I dream of fashion all day but sadly I don't have the wonderful gift of being able to create and dream up new things every day, I just bang out requests for business analysts and buyers and do mundane reporting. It's not that I'm complaining but I would LOVE so much to be able to do something I really LOVE. It made me really wonder why he would be sad enough to leave everything behind. He has become one of the few designers that are able to create unique things and still be accepted into mainstream enough to have their designs sold in many different avenues including Target. I think his collaboration with our GO Interantional area was one that I was most excited about (with Anna Sui closely tied)!! It was such an honor to see his designs on the floor!! I think I bragged for weeks before it set and told people that they HAD to check it out!! I don't think there was a spot in the fashion world that he didn't touch in some way, including costumes for Lady Gaga!

Such a tragedy! He will be missed!