How Time Flies...

This last Friday my daughter turned 18! It's so hard to believe that she is now an 'adult' and has been here for 18 years. Time definitely does fly by. I'm so proud of her. Not knowing how the decisions you will make when you are raising your child is probably the most scary thing of all. How will you make sure to teach them everything you think they should know and stress the things you really want them to remember. It's strange because so many people compliment me on my parenting saying I did such an awesome job and I'm a great mom but I really don't feel like it was all me. I definitely could have made some of the same decisions with another child and not had the same positive results. She is who she is because yes, I did try and teach her all I could and I tried to stress what I thought were the most important things to learn, but she took it in and didn't dismiss the things I said. She made the right decisions to not give in to peer pressure, to not do things that would harm herself or others, to try and do her best in school and her job. I think that it's a collaboration and we found a way to make it work together. I know that she will continue to become a great adult and be whatever she wants to be. I have no doubt that she will become a great actress and will write amazing screen plays! I'm glad that I am her mom!

Happy Birthday Desta ;o)

photo by Kate Heppner