Product Development

One of my new classes this semester is Product Development. I'm atually taking in independently so I can guarantee to graduate in the Spring. This is all necessary so I am done with school by the time we move in August!! My first assignment was to write a paper on things that inspire me when I think about design and also a designer that inspires me.I have to admit I did the paper in a hurry but it still really sparked my imagination and started me down the path of really looking at what I like and why. I don't think it has much to do with trends now but is somewhat influenced by them, but still I can see that it's probably been my still all along, even in the 80's when I seemed really trendy!

I do get my ideas and inspirations from a lot of areas, as I'm sure a lot of you do, like blogs, magazines, television, people on the street (or skyway now in winter), movies, celebrities, art, nature and so on. But the interesting thing is that we can all look at similar things and get inspired in different ways!

When I’m looking at photos there are things that I take literally like I might see a dress that I LOVE but can’t afford so I will keep the picture stored on my computer to use as a reference later so I can look for a pattern or try and make one myself. But a lot of times I will see something and even though I like it for what the item actually is, it will spark another idea in my head that is totally different. I think that’s why I appreciate photos because it allows my mind to wonder and then start creating things of my own.

I have decided that my style is romantic with a touch of darkness. I guess it's hard to explain but I like the kind of gothic hint but still a romantic feel with luxurious fabrics and lots of lace and vintage jewelry. I also like to look at a lot of Japanese Street Styles because they are so inventive and love to look really unique so you see things there that you wouldn’t see anywhere else and for some reason, I really like the old vintage costumes of Circus girls that rode the elephants and swung from trapezes which you probably gathered from my rants about the Circus!!

Anyway, since most bloggers are very visual people, here are some things that inspire me right now!

Alberta Feretti FW-08 (still love!!!!)

can't remember this site, please let me know if you know!

don't remember the blog here but I LOVE her style in these shots!

the Glamourai, definitely a favorite for daily inspiration!
Lula (online mag), I DEFINITELY need 2 find the source of lace like this!!

and of course one more circus photo for inspiration (from Polyvore)!