of fashion and fairytales (part 1)....

This spring I had a couple of opportunities to again volunteer with MNFashion for MN Fashion Week. It was a lot of fun and I met some awesome people.

The first event was The Secret Garden put together by Secrets Fashion Agency in Mpls. It was a fashion show that told the story of Alice in Wonderland from childhood to adulthood. The clothes were amazing and the atmosphere/venue was breathtaking. We had a lot of fun working this event.


Things I'm loving for Spring...

Forever21 never ceases to amaze me with continual ability to stay on trend and give us the items we want for our wardrobes on a timely manner! They have such a great eye for what trends to grab onto and make available at a great price. It just makes sense! I mean, why pay hundreds for designer items when the trend will be gone in a month or two. I, myself, usually go for a certain look and don't find the need to buy something because it has a name slapped onto it and they never disappoint me!