That's how I'm feeling right now. Actually I've been feeling this way for a while! I mean let's face it, working full time, going to 2 schools part time, being a single mom, selling handbags online, and trying to manager my daughter's acting career I am nothing BUT overloaded. When I decided to start enter the amazing world of fashion blogs, I didn't really think I would have any problem thinking of things to talk about. I mean, my friends do call me the story teller!!! But when I have a week like I've had this week, with the unmentionable co-worker still m.i.a. I can barely figure out what to wear. Surprisingly though, I've done well this week and haven't had any days where I felt less than antiquate with my wardrobe choices!!

Anyway, I digress!! What I really wanted to say is, not only do I feel overloaded but I've discovered a new love of outfits (layered) and garment pieces that are 'overloaded'. They are like sculptures or fine art paintings or even award winning quilts, where you don't really know how the artist figures out how they will layer or exactly what colors will look great together, but somehow they make it work! The combination of old found lace pieces, doilies, ruffles, netting...it all looks accidentally but you know that there is purpose being the placement of each layer!

It's just a bib. Not a top but a bib, to be worn with any top or tank and change the look completely! Ironically, I had an idea similar in the making (well still in my head) and now I find this. I will continue with my idea, knowing that this proves I was onto something!

I LOVE this site. Everything is so intricate and layered!

Surprisingly I'm finding more and more that I am really getting a grasp on my style! I found this on Polyvore and immediately saved it to a draft to use later for some special little story board! Then I go read Kingdom of Style to find that Queen Michelle has blogged about the very same! Makes me feel like I'm almost fully immersed in the pool of the fashion elite!!