Love Live the Queen....

Yesterday I arrived at work only to find my cube neighbor Matt doing his usual browsing of TMZ. Casually I asked, any juice?? Only to be told the tragic news of Alexander McQueen! Why, I wondered? Why would he be unhappy? I dream of fashion all day but sadly I don't have the wonderful gift of being able to create and dream up new things every day, I just bang out requests for business analysts and buyers and do mundane reporting. It's not that I'm complaining but I would LOVE so much to be able to do something I really LOVE. It made me really wonder why he would be sad enough to leave everything behind. He has become one of the few designers that are able to create unique things and still be accepted into mainstream enough to have their designs sold in many different avenues including Target. I think his collaboration with our GO Interantional area was one that I was most excited about (with Anna Sui closely tied)!! It was such an honor to see his designs on the floor!! I think I bragged for weeks before it set and told people that they HAD to check it out!! I don't think there was a spot in the fashion world that he didn't touch in some way, including costumes for Lady Gaga!

Such a tragedy! He will be missed!