I've joined the CIRCUS!!

Okay not really, but lately I've been really obsessed with all things circusy. At least when it comes to fashion that is! I recently bought some cute circus-like tops from H&M that I am loving with black skinnies! One is a trapeze-type of tank tunic and the other is just a puffy sleeved tee. They both have characters on them that are very circusy and I just LOVE them!

Circus Girl
Circus Girl - by SweetLuna on Polyvore.com

Me after a party at a friends house. My hair is a bit fluffy, but c'mon it was like 2am!!
Long sweater coat - can't remember but bought at Opitz, circus dance tank - H&M, black tights - Target, Jeffrey Campbell platform shoeties (no longer on), multi chain necklace - JC Penney's

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Makayla said...

I'm glad to see you using picnik!!!! Jb's in a week form wednesday!! http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=148705