Oh Vera!!

Let's face it, I'm into fashion but don't have the budget of say, Rachel Zoe. Although I do shop vintage like said Rachel and hunt high and low for unique trendsetting finds, I cannot afford to walk into a store and see a few things and say 'I'll take them all and can you send them to my hotel suite?' So because of this, I look to the discount retailers to supply me with adequate items that I can mix and match with my unique vintage pieces. Target is a big one for me because a) I work there and I know what's coming and frankly GO International does if for me!! b)they do the best at staying in trend and c) DISCOUNT (hello)!! But every once in a while I peruse the competition online to see what they are doing with their big name designers at a lower price point. So today I happen along Kohl's and pop in to see the ever so precise and stylish Vera Wang and what she is doing with her Simply Vera line for them. Color me disappointed!!! What is happening? I stop in expecting to see exciting pieces intermixed with the blah of the normal kohl's Midwestern housewife attire and see none of these! I see basic tees with a hint of ruffles, black leggings and conservative flat shoes (and the mini socks you can hide under them). YUCK! There was no little leather bolero, intricately draped evening dress, or mega ruffled collar cardigan to pine over. GROSS! I think Vera drank that nasty kool-aid they serve there and has forgotten about us little people. Seriously why do people feel the need to conform? I just don't understand what happened unless she completely stepped out of the designing and just signed the Simply Vera name over to Kohl's and said have at it! It looks just like all the other brands there like Axcess or Apt.9. I was more impressed with Avril Lavine's line Abbey Dawn. At least she's staying consistent, while Vera seems to be watering down her line with every season. I should be relieved though really. I didn't feel right trying to run into Kohl's to find the latest line anyway. And don't EVEN get me started at what H&M THINKS us Minnesotans want to buy! Give me a break!! If they supply us with one more season of conservative, button down, puffy sleeved tops I will have a blouse burning party! Sadly the one person I'm impressed with is Patrick! I saw the new things happening at The Gap and he still continues to impress! I LOVE him. I really think Target should have hired him to take over where Isaac left of but since I'm not a decision maker here, that wasn't an option and Gap snatched him up! I'm surprised at all these designers and their empty promises of bringing high fashion at a lower cost! It's really NOT that hard people! I could do it!! I guess I really just expected more! Wait, that's Target's slogan....Expect More, Pay Less. I guess I will stay where I know I will be happy ;o) Next designer coming to Target....(wait for it).......Anna Sui!!!!!!!

Sad Simply Vera (or should I say Simple Vera)

Sneak Peek at Anna Sui for Target (inspired by Gossip Girl)

All Anna Sui pics courtesy of nymag.com

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