Halloween is just around the corner, which means I need to get finished with my 'circus girl' costume that I started in Pattern Development class last quarter. I still need to finish all of the hand beading and attach the lining to the top, then I need to sew up some bloomers and create a jacket with tails! Those should be quicker since they won't entail all of the couture detailing that was required for class on the bodice. Destini has decided to be Cindy Who from Whoville so we are on the lookout for the perfect red and green accessories and then I will be making a coat with a circle skirt bottom! Should be fun but the challenge will be getting her hair to stand up like Taylor's does in the movie!!

I did pick up some costumes for the cats this year as well. Just wanted to see if they could handle things on their head since t-shirts don't see to work (they fall over, fall of chairs, fall down the basement steps)! So far, the hats work much better although it doesn't mean they like them any more ;o) Check out the look of disgust on Cheruboo's face (Pumpkin) and Vinny (Chicken), well he was fine with it as long as I didn't strap it down but only because I petted him with the chicken costume for a while first!!

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