Jewels for a princess in a twisted romance.....

I've always been kinda obsessed with jewel tones. In fact I have come up with a name for my style thanks to Destini; we've decided my style is a bit of a 'Twisted Romance"! If I ever get a clothing line up and running, that will be it's name. I love lace, dark jewel tones, dark nail polish, some leather filtering in, black tights and huge chunky shoes ala Rumi!!! I'm also major obsessed with bib necklaces...the bigger the better as far as I'm concerned!

I'm so glad that jewel tones are all over F/W 09 and into 2010! I've always loved them and it's probably because they love me back. Seriously though, I can't wear pastel, can't be even standing near anything that is close to yellow and look a bit green if I venture towards the autumn color palette so the jewel tones this season sit just fine with me! I loved Alberta Ferretti's main & Philosophy collections. They always seem to be full of beautiful dark, lush jewel tones and rich fabrics. I've also always loved paisley so I'm glad to see it appearing in a major way this season!

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