Fashion that sings!

I've been on a kick for a while now with trying to recreate all of the musical sounds of my teenhood. There are so many things that you can't even buy anymore and I miss hearing it! So what joy when I found someone's blog that had a flashfetish on it!!! I've been playing around with it and am adding to 3 music collections so I can share the memories or just fun songs with others. The collections contain Minneapolis music and old skool rap both of which were a HUGE part of my life. In fact, if you check out my site or my etsy store you will see that I have stories to go with each of my bag styles that are from my past and they all seem to come back to one thing....the music!

I think that music and fashion have always gone hand in hand. They go so well together! The fashion is like the icing on a very luxurious cake...don't you think?? I mean, there's a whole magazine (Fashion Rocks) dedicated to this very idea. I don't necessarily mean musicians who design or endorse fashion but a piece of fashion that you know was inspired by music. Here is one picture to show just what I mean. This is a dress that I made by taking inspiration from a Rowena Sartin (okay I copied it almost exactly) dress but since it was all about going to the Prince concert, I knew right away that it had to be Purple! It was like 98degrees out that night but I sacrificed for the sake of fashion! It's made from dupioni silk.

How does music influence your style? Have you put together a look or made something inspired by music?

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