How Old is too Old...

So this week the radio station I listen too (KDWB) decided to bring up the subject of 'How Old is too Old' asking listeners when they thought people should stop doing different things. This bothered me! I mean seriously, doesn't it all depend on the person? Maybe I'm sensitive since my birthday is coming up on 11/15 and I'm dreading it. I'm waiting for my friends to catch on and start the teasing. They are all at least two years younger than me and even though I look younger than I am, I still HATE knowing that I'm older! I was especially sensitive when it came to pop culture and fashion. I feel that I'm very intune to what is current because I love it and also because I'm back in college for a Fashion degree. This same week I saw an older woman (probably late 70's) dressed in the most awesome, black and white geometric print sheath dress and chunky heels. She looked amazing and it made me thing that when I'm a grandma I will definitely be a fashionable one! I will wear what I want and what looks great and NOT care that it isn't what is typical for my age group. Why should I? Who says when you are in your 80's and 90's you HAVE to wear polyester pants with seams down the front? Who says you have to wear cheaply made knit sets? NOT ME! I say wear DVF dresses if you want to, there should be no rule to age. I do, however, think that it 's important to take your body frame into mind. As long as I can still wear things from F21 and not look packed and squeezed in and make the garment look the way it's supposed to, I will go for it! Just because I'm a mom to a teen does NOT mean I can't wear the same styles from magazines like Lucky, Elle, Vogue, that she wears! We both put our own twist to it anyway and hey, fashion is a statement, is it not??

After all that ranting and feeling like I wanted to call in to the station and yell at the top of my lungs I'm NOT too old to take breakdancing lessons with my daughter, I'm NOT too old to like the Jonas Bros. or jump up and down when it's time for G.G. to come on! So what if I wish I was Taylor Momsen and be 15 and allowed to quit school to work for a fashion designer. I can if I want to!!!! I was finally relieved when checking out my weekly blog reads I stumbled upon Susie at Style Bubble and her latest post on a blog she found called Advanced Style. What joy to find a whole blog dedicated to more seasoned stylish people of older generations! I knew I wasn't alone!

Zelda Kaplan, 92

Selina Jervis in London

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