To Dye For...

So there are certain things in the fashion world that I can pick up on way before it becomes a trend (which is a good thing) and then a lot of the time, I just catch things as they are beginning or are well into the trend scale. That being said, I've notice a new (okay not new, but reborn) trend of all things dyed. Not just dyed but dyed differently like dip dyed or double dyed making it back into the fashion stream. I think I like it, well not all of it, but there are some particular pieces I've noticed that really catch my eye. It's another one of those trends, however that makes me think HEY, I could't do that myself! So while I ponder on a particular sweater that's at home waiting to be washed after the attempted of dying it brown when it was originally a chartreuse, I'm thinking that I could turn that now army green mostrosity into a dip dyed extravaganza! Well, okay, at least I might be able to make it look a little more interesting! ASOS has some particularly nice dresses that have a dip dyed effect to them.

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